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2 September 2013


Although the new year is not officially celebrated until January, for many local organisations and groups it is September that marks the beginning of a new twelve months of activities as they gather after an all to brief summer break. The same is true of Otley Carnival Committee it seems such a short time since the AGM where the success of the 2013 Carnival was celebrated and a total of 2000 presented to local beneficiaries.

As it meets in September to begin planning the 2014 Carnival, The Carnival Committee would, therefore, like to remind local groups that this is the time to submit applications to be a beneficiary of the next Carnival application forms can be picked up from Otley Town Council Core Resource Centre in Orchardgate and from Otley Library and need to be returned to the treasurer by 5th October. Application forms can also be requested by email from Ann Steval steval@btinternet.com.

 Link to http://www.otley.co.uk/