The Chevin Cross

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Picture of the old cross Easter 1999

Short History

A Poem

Comment from the Ministers about the Cross at Christmas

From the Builder

The Chevin Cross

It may not be the "true" Cross
But it reminds us of the pain
Suffered by Our Saviour
So that we might live again.
He bore it without hatred
He could not have loved us more
He shed for us his precious blood
In a far off land, in days of yore

I wonder what went through his mind
As he trudged along the road
With the sins of man upon his back
It was a heavy load.
How will we explain to him
When we meet him face to face
All the sins we had forgotten
And how we fell from grace
I hope that when my time arrives
The Good Lord will grant me rest
I will be able to look Him in the eye
And say "I tried my best".

Jackie McDonald

The cross on the Chevin, which has now become a well known and loved Easter symbol of hope for many people will be replaced for the new millennium.

The cross, which is being replaced after 31 years was the brainchild of the Otley Christian Council of Churches which, following on from the work of the Vatican II Council in the 1960’s, intensified the aim of working together as much as possible. The Chevin cross was one co-operative initiative, which has become a source of comfort and inspiration to many people.

The true meaning of the Cross of Jesus Christ can be found in the hearts and lives of people who follow him but it is hoped that the one on the Chevin will continue as a symbol of redemption for many years to come.

Ron Sweeney.

Over the last 30 years Otley folk have taken ownership of the Chevin Cross.
Undoubtabley, it has provoked the thoughts and touched the hearts of residents and visitors alike.
It was a particular privilege to co-ordinate the construction of a replacement for this dearly loved symbol.
Contributions form many people over the last few months, financially and in time and effort, have meant that the new cross will be ready to take its place over the town in time for the new year.
And what better way to begin the new year than within the sight of this wonderful reminder of the real extent of God’s love to us.

for and on behalf of The Carpenter Workshop.

The Cross at Christmas





SO IT GOES UP ON Saturday 18th Dec

With God’s help and yours the Cross will be on the Chevin


to put it up Saturday 18th Dec

On the Chevin

to take it down
Saturday 8th Jan 9.30 am.

On the Chevin

From Otley Ministers

Each Easter-time for over thirty years, the ‘Chevin Cross’ has kept watch over the town of Otley and the surrounding countryside. Now, to mark the beginning of a new century, and a new Millennium, we have a new Cross, provided through the generosity of the people of the town, This year, uniquely, the Cross will stand on the Chevin over Christmas and the New Year too - a reminder that, whether we recognise it or not, the Millennium has a profoundly Christian dimension, celebrating, as it does, the moment when God chose to enter our world in Jesus of Nazareth, For Christians, that moment is the pivotal point of all human history.

The ‘Chevin Cross’, standing over the town, symbolizes the Cross of Jesus himself - the deepest expression of the love of God for each one of his children - a love which overshadows and embraces the whole world - a gentle, compassionate, forgiving, welcoming love.

The ‘Chevin Cross’ is an empty Cross, celebrating, too, the resurrection of Jesus Christ - and the power of God which can overcome fear and darkness, is greater than all our evil, and shatters even the bonds of death itself. Entering the new millennium with Christ we need not be afraid, for, whatever the future holds, he is alive, ready to meet us there, and take our hand - and walk with us, by our side.

The truth is, the Cross of Jesus Christ speaks not only to ‘the world’, but to each one of us, inviting us to draw close to the God whom Jesus called ‘Father’, and to know his love, his mercy, his forgiveness, and the power of his Spirit in our lives. Will you respond?

The New Chevin Cross was paid for by donations from the people of Otley
and made by.

I.B.Thompson - Cabinet Maker             Tel. 604050
The Old Coach House, 14a Middleton Road, Ilkley, LS29 9EX