This cross, which is erected every Easter, reminds us of the eternal love God has for every person. It is made from wood salvaged from the Manchester bomb outrage on 15th June 1996.


It is a sign that good can triumph over evil as Jesus conquered death and promises us everlasting life.


We thank God for what He has done for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus and pray that everyone may experience this for themselves



The cross is 32ft high with a span of 16ft. The first cross was erected in 1968 and a new one was constructed for the Millennium in 2000 AD.



Manufacturing Details

We thank God is 18pt Palatino Linotype italic
Dimensions etc are in 14pt Eurostile
These sizes are based on A4 paper and
will need enlarging for the
27" x 18" format.
Dimensions 27" deep x 18" wide
Screw holes (3 each side - 1 each top and bottom) - 1 inch in from each side
The clutch screws will have to be of sufficient length to go through
1/16inch metal followed by 3/4inch ply - then main wooden beam