The Fortieth Chevin Cross


When we celebrate a marriage
That has lasted four decades
The official term for this is ruby
For a love that never fades

So we celebrate the hoisting
Of the Fortieth Chevin Cross
As a reminder to all who see it
Of the world’s greatest loss.

Forty is the number
That is mentioned in the past
Like the days the great flood lasted
Also the days that Jesus did fast.

It is also the number
Of  Christ’s last days as man
He then returned to the Father
Fulfilling God’s great plan

If you draw a cross with equal limbs
Slightly clockwise make it move
It will turn from a sign of death
Into a sign of love

It is also strange the ruby
Is also the colour of blood
Which was shed by Christ our Saviour
On that Friday we call “Good”.

Jackie MacDonald OLAS