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   NHS Leeds engagement with working age people

From an independent charity called Leeds Involving People. http://www.leedsinvolvement.org.uk/

We are funded by NHS and Leeds City Council and work to help people have a say in the health and social care services that they use. This can be by anything from responding to questionnaires through to attending meetings with members of NHS/Leeds City Council staff. In the past we have mainly focused on people with disabilities and older people, but now we wish to engage with a wider range of people. We feel that it is very important that people have a say in the services that they use, as this is ensures that they are delivered correctly and meet the needs of the people that they are provided for rather than just assuming that everyone is happy and has the same needs.  

This particular area of work has come from the North Leeds area of NHS Leeds and they would like to find out how they can engage with working age people in their area. They have come to us and asked if we can speak to local employers and social/sports groups  to find out how it would be best to engage with their staff/members. After an extensive Google search of the North Leeds area we have identified you as a somebody who has contact with people in this area who might be able to help us contact working age people.  

The main purpose of us making contact with you is because we are finding out on behalf of NHS Leeds about how working age people would like to share their experiences of using health services in order to help shape and improve these services for the future.  

If you would be happy to distribute questionnaires or allow us to come along to speak your staff/members at meetings/groups please reply to this email to let us know that you are happy to get involved and help. There is the possibility of offering prizes/incentives for peopleís time and involvement. If you know of any other groups who may be interested in participating (particularly exercise classes) in the North of Leeds, then please do forward this to them.  

If you have any queries or would like more information, please donít hesitate to contact me either by email or on 0113 2374508. You can find out more about Leeds Involving People at     http://www.leedsinvolvement.org.uk/

 Kind regards,     Amy Rebane

Involvement Development Officer

Leeds Involving People


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